How Many Liv Players Made The Cut At The Pga?


The PGA Tour is one of the most prestigious golf tournaments in the world, with players from all over the globe competing for the title. Each year, hundreds of players vie for a spot in the tournament, but only a select few make the cut and advance to the weekend rounds. This year, a number of Liv players were in the field, but how many of them managed to make the cut?

The Liv Players

Liv is a popular golf brand known for its high-quality equipment and apparel. Many professional golfers trust Liv products to help them perform at their best on the course. This year, several Liv players teed it up at the PGA Tour event, hoping to make their mark on the leaderboard.


After two rounds of play, it was revealed that three Liv players had made the cut at the PGA Tour event. These players had successfully navigated the challenging course and were now in contention to win the tournament. Their strong performances were a testament to their skill and determination on the golf course.


In conclusion, three Liv players made the cut at the PGA Tour event, showcasing their talent and expertise on the golf course. As the tournament progresses, these players will continue to compete against the best in the world, with the hopes of coming out on top. Stay tuned to see how they fare in the final rounds!

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