Does Pga Superstore Regrip Clubs?

PGA Superstore is a popular destination for golfers looking to purchase new equipment, apparel, and accessories. But what about regripping clubs? Many golfers may wonder if PGA Superstore offers this service, and the answer is yes!

Why Regrip Your Clubs?

Regripping your clubs is an important part of maintaining your equipment and ensuring optimal performance on the course. Over time, the grips on your clubs can wear down, become slick, or lose their tackiness, which can negatively impact your game. By regripping your clubs, you can improve your grip, control, and overall comfort while playing.

PGA Superstore Regripping Services

At PGA Superstore, you can take advantage of their regripping services to keep your clubs in top condition. The store offers a wide selection of grips from top brands like Golf Pride, Lamkin, and Winn, so you can choose the style and feel that best suits your game. The experienced staff at PGA Superstore can help you select the right grips for your clubs and professionally install them for you.

How to Regrip Your Clubs at PGA Superstore

If you’re interested in regripping your clubs at PGA Superstore, simply bring your clubs to the store and speak with a staff member about your needs. They can guide you through the process of selecting the right grips and provide you with a quote for the service. Once you’ve chosen your grips, the staff will carefully remove your old grips, clean the shafts, and install the new grips using professional equipment.


Regripping your clubs is an essential part of keeping your equipment in top condition and maintaining your performance on the course. PGA Superstore offers regripping services to help golfers improve their grip, control, and comfort while playing. With a wide selection of grips to choose from and experienced staff to assist you, PGA Superstore is a convenient and reliable option for regripping your clubs.

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